Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Beautiful Family Day at Pineland Farms

Rebecca, Grace, Jack, and I spent our afternoon at Pineland Farms in New Glouster. This was our first visit back to this beautiful farm since last summer. We were so excited for Grace to visit one of her favorite spots and to share this wonderful place with her "little" brother. We also couldn't wait to show Jack the farm animals so he could see all of the animals in his books come to life!Grace smiled the entire time we were at the farm. She loved every second of the visit from arriving at the farm stand to running up hills and visiting the barns.Jack, as always, was full of smiles too. Grace and Jack wore their matching tractor shirts to the farm today. Maddy made these adorable shirts because she knows how much we love Pineland Farms and what a large role that animals play in Jack and Grace's lives. Thank you so much, Maddy!
A picture of Mommy and her little loves. Rebecca devotes every second of her life to making Grace and Jack's lives full of fun and enriching experiences. She is absolutely the epitomy of the perfect mother as she gives all of herself to the kids. She is the best - in so many many ways.Grace was able to pet some of the cows and she was thrilled to touch their hair and their wet noses. Grace's spirit is obviously infectious as the cows jostled to receive her attention.
"Bye bye cows. We'll see you again real soon!"


loving this farm pictures so much! said...

We can never-ever look at a Holstein cow again the same way after Grace was here! She certainly does LOVE her cows! Yesterday, when we were out and about, we kept saying, "We will have to take Grace and Jack here the next time they visit!" You know how many cows we have here in Vermont!!

These pictures are masterpieces! We Love the Family One and the One of Rebecca and Her Children is sooo specular and amazingly beautiful. We have been giving it all sorts of titles this morning!

Hug that Baby Jack-a-roo all day long for us. You just want to eat him up!! Tell Grace that we are so happy that she touched cows and their noses. Maybe, she will be a dairy farmer and live in Vermont someday :)

Happy last Sunday in May with all of our love, Maddy and Poppy

Anonymous said...

Your joy, all of you, is infectious and uplifting. The smiles, the energy, the vitality.
We are so happy to have all these pictures of those we love, doing one of the things they love to do most.
The tractor shirts from Maddy are terrific, making a special day even more special.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?