Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grace Loves To Read!

Grace loves to read and what a reader she is! Every morning after calendar time Grace runs over to her word family poster to read words. She chooses a word family ending, sounds it out, and then reads all the words that contain the targeted word family. Grace can read nearly all the words listed on the word family poster seen above. What I am most proud of is that Grace is not memorizing the words but she truly understands the concept of reading --- that the letters represent sounds and that you combine letters to make words. Because of this knowledge, Grace can read a word she has never seen before by sounding it out. Grace loves reading words in her books too.


so proud but so amazed! said...

Dearest Grace,
I am constantly amazed by what you will do next! You keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes because each day you go even further in what you want to learn. Poppy and I saw you read these words when we were there and we are still talking about it! You have such a gifted natural ability to truly understand learning, from math, to science, art concepts, map skills, writing, geography, and really understanding letters their sounds and putting them together to make and read words. We are all very in awe of the way all of that comes to you so easily and happily. And, your sweet and sunny personality only adds to the little girl that we all love so much.
We cannot wait for you to spend a few days with us next week. We'll have so much fun together. But, the part I am looking forward to the most is for us to cuddle on the couch with a big pile of books and a quilt and read and talk and imagine. We will have lots to share with each other.
See you on Monday, Sweet Grace,
Love, Maddy XO

PS~ Dear Rebecca, I am not ever quite sure how you come up with all the fantastic things and incredible ideas to challenge Grace. She is constantly looking to go to the next level. How do you do it?!? We have never-ever seen a child with such a natural ability at 29 months old. What's to come! Scary! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Grace, Memere can't wait to hear you read words from your chart and from your books. When you get home to Limerick, maybe we can have an Oovoo date and you can read to Pepere and I. We would love that.
Happy time with Maddy and Poppy!

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