Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friday in Vermont: Sewing with Maddy!

Each time we see Maddy she has a very special sewing project planned for Grace and Jack. Baby Eve will join in on the fun too when she is a wee bit older! I just love seeing how excited Grace and Jack become to be able to sew with Maddy. On our recent visit to Vermont Maddy had chosen very special John Deere tractor fabric for Jack and yellow flowered fabric for Grace (her new favorite color is yellow!) to make pillows.

Jack-a-roo loves everything about Maddy's sewing machine. He loves sitting with Maddy, choosing different stitches, pressing the buttons on the sewing machine and pushing the pedal to make the needle move.

Gracie girl has been sewing with Maddy for several years now. Grace treasures this time with her Maddy and I love seeing these two beautiful girls together! Their conversations are always so sweet.

Grace and Jack both really enjoyed filling their pillows with batting. They both decided to sprinkle some of Maddy's lavender inside of their pillows too!

Grace has learned so much about sewing from Maddy. In the picture above, Grace is studying Maddy's sewing machine.

I think it is wonderful how much Jack loves to sew. We were in L.L. Bean today and Jack was most excited to see a 1914 sewing machine that was on display in the lobby area. I think the entire store heard Jack say "OH MY GOODNESS....A SEWING MACHINE!"

Here is Jack's finished pillow. Thank you so much to Maddy for sharing your love of sewing with Grace and Jack.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thursday in Vermont: Great Grandma!

We couldn't wait for Thursday to arrive because we were going to Rutland to see Great Grandma!! We enjoyed a beautiful morning outside together at a nearby park. Great Grandma was so excited to be with her three great grandchildren!

This was the first time that Eve met Great Grandma. These two girls quickly became the best of friends! Eve loved sitting on Great Grandma's lap.

Eve was full of smiles as she sat talking to her Great Grandma.

Grace loved seeing Great Grandma. Grace told Great Grandma how much she loved her and how very pretty she was!

Jack gave Great Grandma one of his very best big hugs!

This day was made even extra special because Daddy drove back to Vermont from Maine to spend the last few days of our trip with us.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I will be back tomorrow with more pictures from our trip to Vermont. I took a little break from posting this week because we have been so very busy! I hope everyone has been having a fun-filled week. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thursday in Vermont: Construction!

Jack & Maddy watching the construction trucks together at the end of their road.

For those of you who know our Jack-a-roo there are no words needed to describe how very exciting this event was for him!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wednesday in Vermont: Ballet

One of Maddy and Poppy's neighbors is a professional ballerina. Her name is Barbara and she has danced in New York City and Boston! Grace was invited to one of Barbara's ballet classes while we were in Middlebury last week. Grace was so excited to attend the class. I love this picture of Gracie girl ~ she stood perfectly still for a long time as she watched the ballerinas practice.

Eve came to watch the ballet class too. She stood on Maddy's lap during the class. Eve let out many loud and happy squeals to express how much she loved watching the class too!

Grace was delighted to stand at the barre!

Grace can't wait to start dancing again in September. Grace has decided to join the Maine State Ballet this fall!

Grace loves to dance and she is such a graceful dancer. I will be posting her dance recital pictures soon - I am still a bit behind with my posting.

Eve and I waited for Grace and Maddy in a warm-up room just outside of the dance room towards the end of class. Eve was very excited to watch the ballet class and her squeals kept getting louder & louder so I took her to the adjacent room where she could let out all of her excitement!! Thank you so much to Maddy for making Eve's adorable strawberry outfit.

Wednesday in Vermont: Playground Fun

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday in Vermont: Tick Tock

On Wednesday morning Poppy, Grace and Jack got together for a very special project. Poppy gathered several of his old clocks for Grace and Jack to take apart! Grace and Jack loved this project. Grace enjoyed examining all of the tiny pieces inside of the clocks to determine how a clock works. Jack especially loved the tools and the process of disassembling the clocks. This was a fascinating project and it is definitely one that we will be replicating at our home too! Thank you, Poppy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday in Vermont: Fun at the Ilsley Library

We spent Tuesday morning at the Ilsley Library. Jack enjoyed decorating a paper doll from around the world. Later, Jack and Maddy had a great time playing trains together.

After Grace made her paper doll from around the world she loved participating in an Itsy Bitsy Yoga class with Eve and I.

Here is a picture of our happy Eve taking in all of the sites in Middlebury on our way to the Ilsley Library last Tuesday.

Tuesday in Vermont: Make A Wish!

One of Grace, Jack and Eve's favorite spots in downtown Middlebury is this water fountain, which is located near the town's green. Most days after the Festival on the Green we visited this fountain to toss in pennies and make wishes!

Eve enjoyed lots of hugs and kisses from Maddy while Grace and Jack were making their wishes in the fountain.

More pictures of our Tuesday in Vermont later this evening...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday in Vermont: Festival on the Green

For over twenty-five years I have attended Middlebury's Festival on the Green with my parents. It is an event that we all look forward to every year. I love passing along this summer tradition to my own children now. Middlebury's Festival on the Green has been acclaimed as Vermont's "favorite festival." We attended the Festival's Brown Bag lunch series each day, which featured music, juggling, storytelling, and dance.

Jack sat perfectly still each day during the Festival. He was in awestruck by of all of the performers!

Grace has been attending Middlebury's Festival on the Green week for a few years now! She looks forward to this week all year long too. Grace loves everything about the Festival.

You can see Maddy with her purple glasses in the background of this picture too! :)

Baby Eve fell asleep in the arms of Poppy towards the end of the first performance at the Festival. So much excitement!!!

Here are Jack and Poppy crossing the street in Middlebury after the Festival. These two are so much alike -- they both love orange, clocks, walking sticks, maps and pens.

More pictures from our fun-filled week in Vermont tomorrow!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?