Monday, July 25, 2011

Thursday in Vermont: Construction!

Jack & Maddy watching the construction trucks together at the end of their road.

For those of you who know our Jack-a-roo there are no words needed to describe how very exciting this event was for him!

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without water!, said...

Well, let me say that things have been just flying in the neighborhood with all that road work since you left. Today is our third day without water. They turn in back on in the evening and then it goes off again the very first thing in the morning. Just when you get to thinking...well, it can't be off again does indeed happen. So, there's no hand washing, no watering of plants and garden, no dish washing, no toilet flushing(!), no clothes washing, no showering...that all needs to happen at night around here these days!

So, I'm extra glad that this didn't all happen the week you were here...though with all the excitement at the end of our road and the port-a-potty and the big, big trucks and the constant loud noises and the workers in hard hats and the signs and detours and the men at the fire hydrant flushing out the pipes...I dare guess the kiddos would have loved it!!

Love, Maddy

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