Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grace's Fourth of July Project: Making a Flag Windsock

Grace made an American flag windsock using crepe paper and an embroidery hoop for her Fourth of July project. Grace first cut out red and white pieces of crepe paper the same length and blue crepe paper strips about 1/3 of that length. Grace draped the red and white streamers over the inner hoop of an embroidery hoop and used tape to secure them, alternating the colors. Grace then added the blue streamers on over the red and white ones and also secured them with tape.

Finally, Grace painted the outer embroidery hoop with red, white and blue paint. Once the paint dried we put the outer hoop over the streamers and tightened it. Grace then helped tie some string to the hoop so we could hang her American flag windsock on our front porch.

Here is Grace's finished American flag windsock!


maddy, said...

Grace's windsock is just amazing! I love it. But, most of all I loved reading about Grace cutting the blue streamers 1/3 shorter. Now, knowing our Grace as I do, I'm imagining all sorts of conversation about fractions, measuring, and math. Grace is always learning something all the time--that's just her!! And, don't we all just love it!

Love to Grace,

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