Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday in Vermont: Taking a Ferry Ride Across Lake Champlain

Last Sunday we drove to Addison, Vermont to take a ferry ride across Lake Champlain. We enjoyed the most beautiful day at Fort Ticonderoga where we built fairy houses, played in the water, found rocks & shells and admired the construction of a bridge soon to connect Vermont and New York state. Here are some pictures of our first day in Vermont --

Grace admiring the view of Lake Champlain

Poppy and Eve enjoying picking flowers together

Jack and Maddy building a stick house together

Grace cooling off in Lake Champlain


Jack and Daddy

Maddy and Grace

Jack working hard to build his stick house

Eve's first time in Lake Champlain!

Jack admiring shells along the shore of Lake Champlain

Gracie girl



memories from last Sunday, said...

We loved our Sunday...the ferry ride, the water of Lake Champlain, the bridge construction, the washed up sticks on the shore, finding bathrooms(!), enjoying lunch under that big maple tree, changing into bathing suits and applying sunscreen to all those legs, arms, backs, and faces, but most of all being together and laughing as a family.

Love to all of you from here in Middlebury,
Maddy and Poppy

talking about the future, said...

p.s.--Grace and I had a very deep and serious talk on that bench together! It was all about life and the future and where she might want to live when she is all grown up and her college plans and Medical School and possibly wanting to attend Middlebury College so that she can live with us in our home. We will be extremely interested to see if she still wants to live with her Grandparents when she goes to college!

I Love You, My Gracie Girl, Your, Maddy

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?