Thursday, July 7, 2011

Six Months Old

Our sweet baby girl celebrated her half year birthday today. We just love our Eve! She is the sweetest baby. Here are just a few updates about our Evey girl:
  • Eve loves to learn and she learns so quickly.
  • Eve is sitting independently.
  • Eve started eating solid foods two weeks ago. Eve wants to feed herself and she is always reaching for the spoon!
  • Eve rolls to obtain toys out of reach. She has also started rolling over in her crib to sleep on her tummy.
  • Eve loves her lovey name Lavender. Each time I put Eve in her crib she reaches her hands up until I put Lavender in her hands. Eve always sleeps with Lavender in her hands or mouth.
  • Eve is trying to crawl! She is so strong.
  • No teeth yet but I think they are coming really soon!
  • Eve is able to stand on her own while holding on to something.
  • Eve transfers toys from one hand to the other.
  • Eve is such a happy girl. She is always smiling and giggling.
  • Eve is a big talker. She loves carrying on long babbling conversations!
  • Here are some of Eve's favorite things: watching everything that is going on around her and taking it all in, music, dancing, books, teething toys, going outside, swinging, sound play, meeting new people, Grace & Jack, being carried in a Baby Bjorn.


Maddy with love, said...

I cannot believe that an entire half of a year has passed by! Eve is just so beautiful and lovely. She is the icing on the cake to your sweet family. I love the way she talks and talks, and as Grace says, she's a talker! How wonderful it is to have her in our family. We love her so. We can't wait to see Eve doing so many new things...rolling over to sleep on her tummy, oh my.

Rebecca, your photos are just amazing. You captured Eve's half year birthday with true beauty. They are beautiful.

Kisses and hugs and love to all. So looking forward to your visit here next week. Tell Jack that the town began construction on our road a few days ago---trucks, and digging, and hard hats!

Bob said...

Gorgeous pictures! Rebecca is an amazing mother and all of her tireless commitment to giving all of herself is reflected in our wonderful children. Happy 1/2 Birthday Eve!

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Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?