Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jack's Fourth of July Project: Making Fireworks

Jack made fireworks for his Fourth of July project! We cut several paper plates in the shape of a circle to fit into the bottom of a salad spinner. Jack chose different paint colors to squeeze inside of the salad spinner and then spun away to create Fourth of July firework paintings!

Each time Jack made a salad spinner painting he was so excited to see the results!

Jack punched a hole in his firework paintings and we hung all of them up over the entry to our art room to create our very own Fourth of July firework display!

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maddy, said...

Jack looks like he had such fun with this great idea (I would love to spin paint in a salad spinner, too!).

The firework painting look so happy hanging in the entry. I love them.

I love our little "John Deere" so much! We cannot wait to read the sign across from our library to Jack---it's all about John Deere in Middlebury!

Love, Maddy

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