Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

The month of May was certainly very busy for our family! We were all so excited this past week for Grace's first dance recital! Most of last week was spent getting ready for Grace's big day! To make Grace's first dance recital all the more special Maddy, Poppy, Memere, Pepere, Auntie Allison, Rose and Kimberlee came to share in the excitement of the special day.

As a result of our trips and special events I am a bit behind on my blogging - I still have a few pictures from our trip to Vermont last week to post, pictures from Grace's dance rehearsal and recital, pictures from the time with our families at Fort Williams Park after the recital and our Memorial Day parade pictures. After that I hope to be back to blogging about our daily activities! I'll begin posting pictures tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playing Soccer at Middlebury College

Grace, Jack, Maddy, Poppy and I all enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at Middlebury College last week. After running, jumping and playing along the track (click here to see pictures of Grace and Jack at the track on Maddy's blog) they discovered the college's soccer field. One of the Middlebury College soccer players saw Grace and Jack watching him practice so he offered them one of his soccer balls! Grace and Jack had an amazing time playing soccer together. I have a feeling we have two future all-star soccer players on our hands!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Goodbye Florida, Hello Vermont!

Grace and I flew out of the Orlando Airport on Thursday morning. Grace spotted her Jet Blue airplane right away and she was so excited to fly back to Vermont to see Jack, Maddy and Poppy.

Grace loved every minute she spent on the airplane. It was a dream come true for her to fly!

The first thing Grace did after landing in Vermont (after hugging and kissing everyone!) was open our suitcase to give Jack this monkey she picked out for him at the Animal Kingdom.

Here is just one of the many, many smiles we saw from Jack once we landed. We all missed sweet, sweet Jack so very much while we were away.

Jack loved being at the airport! He was fascinated by all of the sites, including the control tower!

I LOVE just how Grace and Jack both love life. Grace enjoyed her time at the airport with Jack just as much as her big trip to Florida!

Jack enjoyed studying an airplane up close! Jack loved the long hallway at the airport, which was the perfect runway viewing area. I think he could have spent hours and hours and hours there!

Sweet Jack-a-roo carried the monkey he received from his big sister down the hallway of the airport.

Monday, May 24, 2010

We're Back!

We returned from our trips to Florida and Vermont yesterday afternoon. I'll be back to posting pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Animal Kingdom

We went to Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom on Monday with Daddy. It was absolutely beautiful! Grace and I enjoyed our time there so much that we decided to return to the Animal Kingdom yesterday while Daddy was working. In the picture above, Grace was very taken with this tiger whom she named Marsha!

This picture of Grace was taken as we were first walking into the Animal Kingdom. Grace has always loved animals and she was so excited to meet new animal friends!

Our favorite part of the Animal Kingdom park was the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. We rode in an open safari vehicle which allowed us to see so many African animals up close!

Grace was SO excited to show her beloved pink elephant (Ella) all of the elephants on the safari ride!

All of the animals seen along on the safari ride were pictured above our seats. Grace looked up with amazement before the ride started to discover just how many animals we would be seeing on our safari adventure.

Grace loved listening to the African drums. Grace later joined in to play the drums too.

Grace quickly became friends with the African drummer and before they parted ways they shared a special goodbye.

This was the perfect way for Grace to cool off!

We took a train ride to a conservation center where Grace enjoyed petting and brushing goats.

Admiring the Tree of Life.

Grace always takes EVERYTHING in. I love this picture of her studying and capturing all of the beautiful sites around her.

Grace took charge of the map on our tour through the jungle. She was the perfect tour guide!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Orlando, Florida!

Three hours after leaving Burlington, Vermont we arrived in sunny Orlando, Florida. When Grace first looked out of her airplane window upon landing she was amazed to see palm trees instead of pine trees!

Once we exited our plane and were inside the Orlando airport Grace marveled at the sites before her....I've a feeling we're not in Maine any more!

The airport at Orlando was truly beautiful. There was so much to see and Grace took in every sight and sound.

When we arrived at out hotel Grace couldn't believe her eyes to see palm trees inside the hotel's lobby too!

Here is how we spent the remainder of our first day in Florida! We were greeted with 90 degree temperatures when we stepped off of the airplane. This was the best and most fun way for us to cool off.

We are all sending Jack-a-roo tons and tons of hugs and kisses. I am missing my sweet Jack so very much but I know he is having such a wonderful time with Maddy and Poppy. Jack, I loved talking to you on the phone today and hearing your voice. I can't wait to see you on Thursday. I love you so much.

Grace Earned Her Wings!

We met the pilots of our Jet Blue airplane as we were going through the security screening process. The pilots were so taken with Gracie girl that they invited her into the cockpit! Grace climbed right into the pilot's seat and immediately took charge. She was definitely ready and quite willing to fly that airplane all the way to Orlando. What an experience this was for our Grace! The pilot then gave Grace her first set of wings!


Grace's Journey Begins at the Burlington International Airport

The big day finally arrived! We left for Orlando, Florida from Burlington this morning. Poppy drove Bob, Grace and I to the Burlington International Airport while Jack stayed with Maddy in Middlebury for his own fun week of adventures. Grace was ecstatic to finally arrive at the airport. With Ella in hand Grace jumped, skipped and hopped along with Poppy into the airport!

Grace stopped at EVERY window in the airport to watch the airplanes and all of the airport action. This was the first window stop. Grace enthusiastically announced to everyone at the airport whenever an airplane was landing or taking off and whether it was a propeller or a jet airplane!

Poppy, Bob, Grace and I enjoyed watching all of the action at the airport from an observation room. However, I think we had the most fun watching Grace's excitement build as the time got closer and closer to her very first airplane ride.

Grace looked out of lots of windows to try to find our airplane ~ a Jet Blue jet. I believe that everyone in the airport knew that Gracie girl was flying Jet Blue. Grace had Poppy, Bob, and I all clapping our hands and chanting, "Jet Blue, Jet Blue!"

At last Gracie girl spotted her Jet Blue airplane! This was such an exciting moment for us that we will never forget!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?