Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dandelion Flower Prints

It is a spring tradition for Grace to make dandelion flower prints. Grace first started making dandelion prints when she was just sixteen months old! Grace made yellow dandelion prints today by dipping dandelions into yellow paint and pressing them onto white paper. Grace mixed things up a bit this year by making purple flower prints too (her favorite color!). I have always loved watching Grace making these ~ she gets very excited and her flower prints always turn out so pretty and so perfectly spring!


sunny yellow, said...

Oh, my Grace, I do so LOVE your dandelion prints, too!
I have the ones that you gave to us from the past all around our house. I have always told your Mommy that someday, I can see you at the Farmer's Market selling your prints. Folks would love them!
You are as sweet as sweet can be.
Love to my favorite little girl in this whole wide world of ours,

let it be!, said...

Oh, I forgot to add how happy I am that you made some purple ones, also. I know that you are such a purple~girl at the moment and I love how you are letting your creativity shine through.
Always be who you are,
Your Maddy

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