Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Arts at Middlebury College

We visited the Arts building at Middlebury College yesterday.  The director of the art museum gave Grace, Jack and Eve a book showing all of the art displayed throughout the college campus.  We searched and located several of the art pieces.  

Beautiful View

We explored the Mccardell Bicentennial Hall building at Middlebury College yesterday.  It was fascinating to see all of the science research labs.  The view from the sixth floor was so beautiful.

In-Between Four and Five!

Eve turned 4 1/2 on Tuesday! Eve sat in-between the four and five lane lines at the track at Middlebury College yesterday and said with a giggle, "Look, I'm four and a half!"

Four, Six and Eight!

We spent our afternoon exploring Middlebury College's athletic facility. We especially loved their new indoor track. Grace, Jack and Eve raced around the track on the lanes that matched their ages!

Festival on the Green

A fun afternoon at Middlebury's Festival on the Green with performer Rik Palieri.  Grace, Jack and Eve were all called on stage to perform with Rik!


My children and I are in Middlebury, Vermont for the week visiting my parents. We come every year at this time to attend Middlebury's Festival on the Green - a week long music festival. One of the many things I love so much about Vermont is their covered bridges. We took a little side trip on our way to Middlebury today to go across the third oldest covered bridge in beautiful!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Going Shorter!

The first day of summer vacation...Gracie girl decides to go shorter! Go Grace.

A Little Beauty Rest!

This is how Eve fell asleep the other tonight. I guess every girl needs a little eye cooling mask now and then...especially when you are four!!!  

Rainbow Clouds

Eve looked up at the clouds in this sky the other day and said, "Look, Mommy. Rainbow clouds!"

Strawberry Picking

Gracie girl

Kettle Cove


Monday, July 6, 2015

Three Sweet Little Forest Fairies!


Eve and I spent our last morning together at the Silverbrook Trail at Broadtrun Farm before summer vacation began.

Goodbye Kindergarten

Sweet Jack is officially a first grader now! His kindergarten year went by so quickly...where oh where did the time go?!

The Cows!

We are so excited that the cows are back in the fields surrounding our home.  They have become a part of our family!

A Very Special Love Lock

Grace, Jack and Eve added their own love lock to the fence in Portland's Old Port last week. It was such a fun summer surprise. They were so excited!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?