Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Crawling!

If Grace's toys are placed out of reach, she is determined to use her newly learned crawling skills to get them. We are in awe of Grace's strength, persistence, and determination --- all this and not even six months old yet. What a girl!

Look Who's Starting to Crawl!!!

Grace has been getting into the crawling position for a few weeks now but yesterday afternoon she made her first real attempts at crawling. Grace moved her arm and legs two times and was able to move her body forward. Unfortunately this picture is rather blurry because I was SO excited that couldn't keep the camera steady but it captures Grace's very first real crawl! Go Grace.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Grace spent her first Memorial Day in the center of Limerick with Mommy, Daddy, Maddy, & Poppy as she watched her very first parade! Our small town parade lasted ten minutes and Grace was thrilled to see the town's ambulance, fire truck, elementary school band, brownie troop, and a real horse go by. Grace was lucky enough to see the parade not once but TWICE since they redid the entire parade in the reverse direction too - aren't small towns wonderful! Maddy points out the horse to Grace as it gallops down the street. This was Grace's first time seeing a real horse......a very special moment shared between Grace and Maddy. Daddy loved the parade too! He said he had never seen anything quite like it! :) Grace clenches her stroller as she eagerly anticipates the parade approaching for the SECOND time. Hooray!
Mommy missed much of the parade the second time around since she couldn't resist giving Grace lots & lots & lots of kisses!

Berry Adorable!

Grace loved every moment she spent with Maddy & Poppy this weekend. Thank you for an unforgettable visit full of lots of smiles and laughs. An extra special thank you to Maddy who spent countless hours making beautiful skirts for Grace (one is shown here). Each skirt has a special Maddy touch added....you'll be seeing them all in pictures to come. We all agree that Grace look absolutely adorable in her Maddy skirts!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Date Night!

After much convincing, Poppy and I talked Bob & Rebecca into going out for dinner. How many times do you think it is normal for grandparents to tiptoe into a sleeping baby's room to sneak a peek?!? We think that Rebecca is just as sweet as can be in this picture with her wonderful husband. How I wish we lived closer. Love, Maddy & Poppy

Pure Joy

All good things when Maddy is here..... Gracie girl even loves green beans, typically not her favorite food, when given by her Maddy!

Grace's Debut of the Ducky Dress!

It was June 29, 2006 that we all found out that Bob & Rebecca's baby was to be a girl. That afternon, we went shopping (normally not my favorite activity as anyone can tell you). I saw this Ducky dress and knew it was perfect for Grace. It seemed so big at the time. But...here she is, in Limerick, Maine, on Sunday, May 27, 2007 in that dress. Isn't she lovely. Love, Poppy

Splish Splash

"Hooray, it's Memorial Day weekend and Maddy & Poppy are here. I had such a great start to my day....they gave me my morning bath OUTSIDE on our deck. My Maddy and Poppy are so much fun!"

A Piroutte for Poppy

Friday, May 25, 2007

"Pool" Party!

It was 99 degrees in Limerick, Maine today....a little too hot to spend large amounts of time outside so Grace & I brought the summer ,well almost summer, fun inside. We had our own special pool party on our kitchen floor. The porcelain tub was used by Grace's Great Grandma for Maddy and Uncle Larry when they were little. Adam and I enjoyed this same tub when we went down to Chicopee, Massachusetts to visit Grandma and Pop-Pop during our summers. Now, Grace is playing in this tub! It is over 50 years old!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

All Things Green & Beautiful!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Look at Those Pearly Whites!

Just look at those bottom two teeth! We think they are absolutely adorable and they make Grace's smile all the more precious. Grace had a huge smile today for everyone she saw while we shopped at the mall on this very wet & rainy Saturday. Grace also started true babbling (repeating the same sounds over & over again) last weekend and has been working hard all week to perfect her repertoire of sounds. Grace showed off her new skills today by "buh-buh-buh-buhing" and "muh-muh-muh-muhing" her way through the mall, where she received lots of nice compliments from fellow shoppers on her huge smile and talking. Look closely to see what else Grace has now when she smiles..............dimples!

After greeting all of the shoppers, Grace was very hungry so she enjoyed eating her lunch of apples and bananas at the mall. As you can see Grace LOVES to feed herself!

Friday, May 18, 2007


"Look Mommy, fresh avocado!"
We went to the organic whole food grocery market today to buy some exciting new foods for Grace to try -- papaya, mangoes, whole grain brown rice, turnips, green beans, split green peas.......by the look on Grace's face she was, needless to say, quite excited!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Fairy House

Grace and I spent the afternoon on Mackworth Island. It is a beautiful island right off the coast that highlights the very best of what Maine has to offer - the ocean and the solitude of the forest. My very favorite spot on the island is located just off the walking path - it's tucked away amongst the tall pine trees. It is an area that is dedicated to the "fairies" that live in the forest. There are literally hundreds of little fairy houses that the island children visitors have made out of all natural materials. While on our walk around the island, Grace and I collected a variety of materials (white birch tree bark, pine needles, branches, pine cones, leaves, and grass) for our fairy house. When we came to the forest fairy area, we found the perfect spot to make our house for a forest fairy: Grace's very first fairy house! This is a tradition I will continue with Grace each time we visit Mackworth Island. After Grace made her fairy house, we spread out a blanket and spent the remainder of our afternoon on the island looking at books and enjoying the beautiful scenery together.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Big Helper!

Gracie does her part to help out with the laundry on Mother's Day!!!!!!

A Dream Come True

I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to tell everyone what a wonderful and selfless mother Rebecca is. Rebecca tirelessly takes every waking moment with Grace as an opportunity to expand and enlighten Grace's view of the world. Rebecca's precious few moments of free time are spent reading and learning about how she can make Grace's life better. I so admire Rebecca's dedication to being the best Mother ever - she certainly had a wonderful role model in Mary Ann and Rebecca has inherited her wondrous maternal instincts and desire to make her child's life as rich and fulfilling as possible. Thank you Rebecca for being the best Mother I could ever imagine. Bob and Lil' Bit (co-author).

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Big Girl Sitting by the Ocean

We stopped for lunch today at a place called the Sea Shack. It is a dive right next to the ocean that gets its seafood directly off the fishing boats -- there were clamers working in the marsh directly behind Grace. The plates were paper, the food was fried, and customer service took a backseat to the food quality and location. However, the end result was great seafood as we proudly watched our Amazing Grace sit on her own while feeling the fresh green grass and looking at the spring dandelions. Grace truly enjoyed herself and there wasn't anything in the world at that moment that would have made us more fulfilled or happier than watching our precious Gracie girl.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


It has been over 80 degrees here for the past three days. Yipeeeeeee. This type of weather is practically unheard of in Maine for the month May. Grace and I are loving every moment of it!

I Love the Great Outdoors

Mommy and I had lots of fun playing outside this morning thanks to Daddy! He set up my new sun tent for me so that Mommy and I can play safely outside without worrying about getting too much sun. There is so much I have learned by being outside. There is so much for me to see, to touch, and to smell. Here are just a few things that I love about the great outdoors:

I love to open my mouth wide and feel the wind blow
I love to feel the blades of grass with my hands
I love to listen to the sound of a babbling brook near our home
I love the way the pine needles on the trees tickle my feet
I love to hear the birds sing
I love to go on walks with Mommy and our three cats through the woods
I love to walk to the lake to see the sparkling blue water

"May Flower in Full Bloom"

The learning theme this month continues to be focused around Spring, with more of an emphasis on leaves and flowers. Grace and I have been giddy with excitement that the weather in May has been so sunny and warm. We have taken full advantage of the beautiful weather by going on nature walks every day. In the beginning of May, I would talk to Grace about the buds on the trees and flowers. We closely examined many trees and flowers, eagerly anticipating the first dash of color to appear. Each day we became more and more excited as we watched the buds grow bigger and bigger. On Wednesday we took a morning walk and noticed the first sprinkling of green on the trees and yellow on our daffodils. Later that day when Daddy came home from work, we went on a family walk and much to Grace and my delight, all the leaves on the trees had opened to a brilliant green and the flowers had bloomed. Grace was inspired by all of the bright and beautiful Spring colors so she painted a purple hand flower shown here to celebrate the greatest gift that Spring has to offer -- color!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I Love Those Raspberries!

"GBGB" (Gracie Big Girl Baby) has made incredible progress with her lip trilling thanks to lots of fun work with Mommy. Grace loves to hear raspberry sounds and she also does big girl raspberries on her own!


Grace loved watching all of her cousins playing!
Grace & cousin Rose shared their favorite books with each other! The whole team is in this picture - Rose (2 years old), Julia and Grace (5 years and 5 months) and Andrew (2 years). Grace loved spending time with her cousins. She really appreciated Julia and Andrew driving down from New Hampshire with their Mom (Bob and Rebecca's cousin Kathy) and Grace's Great Aunt Jeannine. Grace really enjoyed playing with Julia and especially loved her long hair - Grace even took some souvenier pieces!

Gracie goes to Leominster, Massachusetts!

Grace had a great time at Memere & Pepere's house on Saturday. Grace loves to read books with Memere - even better when she can eat the book too. Memere made a great lunch for everyone though Gracie stuck to her avocado and banana puree - yummmmmmy.
Gracie loves to be held by Pepere. Pepere does a great job of changing positions as Grace always wants to see everything going on around her. Grace is very thankful that Pepere came up three weeks ago and helped Daddy prepare the floor for a cushy new carpet in the living room. Thank you Pepere!

Grace shares her excitement that Auntie Allison is pregnant again! Grace loves her cousin Rose and she can't wait to have another little cousin to play with. Allison and Steve are expecting their second bundle of joy in October. Cousin Rose is very excited and is ready to move to a big girl bed to make room for her new brother or sister!

Our Little Princess(es)

If you look closely at the basket underneath Grace, you can see that Grace had a little friend accompany her in the stroller. Bob's parent's dogs, Booda and Belle, came on our nice walk to Uncle Ron and Aunt K's house on Saturday. Belle is much more into being pampered than working out so she decided her needs would be best served riding with Grace than walking. She gladly rode in the stroller half-way to their house and the whole ride back.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

A little guacamole........Ole!

Friday, May 4, 2007

We need your HELP!

From Rebecca and my unbiased perspective, Grace is clearly the cutest baby in the world. Sadly, this notion has not been validated on a national, nor even in a statewide forum. Fortunately, our local WJBQ Q Morning Radio Show is having a Maine Baby Idol Contest that will lay claim to any baseless claims of "the competition." We entered Grace in this "cutest baby" competition which runs from May 5th to May 18th. Anyone may vote by sending an email (20 per day max per computer) to qmorningshow@wjbq.com with 684 in the subject line (any other characters in the subject line will void the vote!). The other method of voting is to send a phone text message to 68255 with the keyword Qbaby followed by a space then 684. Again, any other added characters will void the vote!

As you can see above, Grace is clenching her "Q" and biting her nails with her two new bottom teeth as she nervously awaits the results of the WJBQ contest. Please vote daily, as many times and in as many ways as you can, for our beautiful Grace.

To confirm that Gracie is the cutest baby in the world, please visit:

THANK YOU - We love you all. Bob, Rebecca & Grace


Grace has changed so much since she turned five months old on Wednesday. What a difference a few days makes. Grace is now rolling her body to get from one side of a room to the other. She is very quick with her rolling....one roll right after the other until she reaches her desired destination. Grace is also sitting on her own now for minutes at a time and sometimes with both hands free to play. Grace has also discovered that she can shake toys to make a wide variety of sounds. This is quite fun to watch - Grace's little arms go up and down so fast that her whole body shakes! Grace is using both hands to hold on to two different toys too! Grace also has teeth now --not one but TWO teeth! Since Wednesday, two perfectly white teeth have appeared on her lower gum ridge. Furthermore, Grace has discovered a variety of new sleeping positions. Much to my surprise I have been finding Grace on her side or stomach while sleeping in her crib. So many changes in just two days. It's going to be an exciting month ahead for our Gracie girl.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things.....

Grace adores our three cats -- Emma, Good P, & Lil' Bit (pictured here).

Grace Can Sit All By Herself Now!

Grace has been sitting on her own for several seconds at a time for the past several weeks but today, on her five month birthday, she dazzled Mommy & Daddy by sitting up by herself for almost two whole minutes! We are SO very proud of our Gracie girl.
Grace stunned us by sitting and using her hands to hold onto a book too. What balance! She is an amazing girl.

Five Months Old!

Grace is five months old today!Here is what Grace is doing now ---
  • Dropping toys to see where they land
  • Localizing to sounds from all directions
  • Watching and petting Emma, Lil' Bit & Good P
  • Moving - Grace is now rolling her body 3-4 times to get to toys that are out of reach!
  • Sitting & standing with support - no more laying down!
  • Sitting alone for a few seconds all by herself
  • Teething- white bumps have appeared on Grace's bottom gum ridge
  • Going on nature walks with Mommy
  • Eating! Grace loves homemade butternut squash, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, apples, oatmeal, avocado, & bananas......and so many more new and exciting foods to come this month!
  • Music & dancing
  • Laughing at silly sounds, animal sounds & peek-a-boo
  • Using both hands together and transferring toys from one hand to the other
  • Favorite toys: Ella the Elephant, Glow Worm, the "Q" (mouthing toy), mirrors, bubbles
  • Favorite books: Goodnight Maine, It's Spring, Crunch Munch, Wiggle Waggle, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, Baby Einstein Animal Discovery Cards
  • Favortie Songs: Rawhide, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Fingers & Toes
  • Smiling at familiar rhymes, words, and songs!
  • Using the crib bumper to pull herself up!
  • Removing a cloth from her face during peek-a-boo
  • Making new sounds every day -- loud ones, quiet ones, silly ones

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?