Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grace's Journey Begins at the Burlington International Airport

The big day finally arrived! We left for Orlando, Florida from Burlington this morning. Poppy drove Bob, Grace and I to the Burlington International Airport while Jack stayed with Maddy in Middlebury for his own fun week of adventures. Grace was ecstatic to finally arrive at the airport. With Ella in hand Grace jumped, skipped and hopped along with Poppy into the airport!

Grace stopped at EVERY window in the airport to watch the airplanes and all of the airport action. This was the first window stop. Grace enthusiastically announced to everyone at the airport whenever an airplane was landing or taking off and whether it was a propeller or a jet airplane!

Poppy, Bob, Grace and I enjoyed watching all of the action at the airport from an observation room. However, I think we had the most fun watching Grace's excitement build as the time got closer and closer to her very first airplane ride.

Grace looked out of lots of windows to try to find our airplane ~ a Jet Blue jet. I believe that everyone in the airport knew that Gracie girl was flying Jet Blue. Grace had Poppy, Bob, and I all clapping our hands and chanting, "Jet Blue, Jet Blue!"

At last Gracie girl spotted her Jet Blue airplane! This was such an exciting moment for us that we will never forget!

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