Friday, May 7, 2010

A Very Special Gift

Jack sometimes takes a morning nap after a busy morning of learning, reading and playing. Grace often misses Jack during his nap time and she frequently asks me if she can make him a special present while he is sleeping. Grace's presents for Jack typically consist of pieces of paper that she thoughtfully and carefully decorates. Grace gathers all of her supplies needed to create her present and she spreads them out all over our dining room table. Grace's supplies usually consist of all of her stickers, markers, colored pencils, crayons, paint, ribbon, hole punchers, dot markers, glue, and stamps!! Grace carefully chooses a piece of paper that she says Jack would love and proceeds to decorate it for him. There is so much thought put into Grace's decorated pieces of paper. Grace carefully discusses each detail with me as she is creating. Once her present is complete, Grace often wraps Jack's gift in sheets & sheets of tissue paper using yards & yards of tape! It warms my heart to watch Grace as she is creating something so special for her brother. I am filled with complete happiness when Jack wakes up from his nap and he discovers and unwraps the best gift in the entire world from his big sister!
The unwrapping.

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the power of love, said...

Grace's giving spirit and her loving heart are what makes her so special. I have never seen such genuine warmth and love from someone so little. There is "something" waiting for her to do, in her life, to make our world a better place. How lucky we all are to be at the very beginning of it, especially Jack!
Wow, Jack, you take a nap and then you wake up to a isn't that the life! Jack and Grace are a brother~sister team that will set the world on fire. And, it's only just begun!
Happy, happy Saturday,
Love, Maddy

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