Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Fourth of July

Eve must be the most kissed baby! She is always getting kisses from Grace and Jack. This picture was taken on the Fourth just before we left for Bath, Maine to attend Bath Heritage Days. Every Fourth of July we attend this festival. Events are held throughout the city's downtown area and it is the largest Independence Day celebration in the state of Maine!

Here are Grace and Jack watching the beginning of the Fourth of July parade. Grace is telling Jack all about the parade and how there will be lots of firetrucks. Grace remembered every detail of the parade from having watched it the year before!

Jack loved sitting up high on Daddy's shoulders to watch some of the parade. Jack got a great view of all of the firetrucks!

After the parade we spread a blanket and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park while watching a boat parade along the Kennebec River. Eve enjoyed laying on the blanket and taking in all of the sites. As you can see in the picture above, Eve now loves to stick out her tongue! Whenever you ask Eve where her tongue is she will stick it out and smile.

Grace and Eve enjoying some girl time together down by the river!

Jack was fascinated with all of the boats on the river and he especially loved the boat parade.

Here is Gracie girl watching all of the boats from a little footbridge along the Kennebec River.

Grace and Daddy!

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Maddy, said...

How can you stop smiling to yourself when you look at these children!?!!

That top photo is a rare priceless treasure--all three together! Some things to share with you that I love...all those smiles :), Grace telling Jack all about what happened last year in utter and complete details (as only she can), Jack's pointer finger and the way he stands statue-still when it comes to trucks, boats, cars or anything with wheels, engines or motors, Eve's tiny tongue and her little heart mouth and those eyes as big as dinner plates, being so happy that everyone is still little enough to sit up on Daddy's shoulders, a picnic lunch under a tree, on a quilt, by the water, watching a boat parade(!), and finally seeing the children in clothes I made just for them!

Love, Maddy

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