Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday in Vermont: Make A Wish!

One of Grace, Jack and Eve's favorite spots in downtown Middlebury is this water fountain, which is located near the town's green. Most days after the Festival on the Green we visited this fountain to toss in pennies and make wishes!

Eve enjoyed lots of hugs and kisses from Maddy while Grace and Jack were making their wishes in the fountain.

More pictures of our Tuesday in Vermont later this evening...

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a wish!!, said...

My So~So~So Ever & Forever Dearest Rebecca,

I have a wish--and it is to very kindly and very please,stop posting pictures of me, thank you generously!

On the other hand, Dad says to never stop with any of his photos....he loves pictures!


That fountain is full of merrymaking when Grace, Jack, and Eve are in town. Oh, the wishes that were made! Evey Pie, Jack-a-roo, and Gracie Girl warm my heart so-much more than even this HOT day can!
Full of the deepest love and wishes,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?