Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Foot Paintings!

This morning I taped two long pieces of paper outside on our porch so Grace & Jack could paint their paper using their feet. Jack dipped his tiny feet in blue and yellow paint to make an adorable footprint painting. Grace's paper also ended up with footprints but she later decided to add knee, leg, hand, elbow, forearm, and nose paint prints too!! I can't wait to hang Jack and Grace's beautiful foot and body paintings out on our porch once they dry.

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giving your children such a sense of themselves said...

Those are the cutest feet and toes ever!

What a superb, Mommy you are to not care at all about messy things! I just admire that about you so much, Rebecca. Your children are learning and growing with such a love of art, music, design, and life because of your love for them. Jack and Grace will be saying forever ~ when they were children that they had a Mommy who let them explore anything and anyway they wanted to! They are going to make amazing adults because of their incredible, patient, loving, accepting, and artistic, and brave Mother. You are the best!
What a true Masterpiece for your porch,
Love, Maddy

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