Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cutting Along The Lines!

Grace amazes me with her fine motor skills, especially her ability to use scissors and to cut precisely along lines. One of Grace's favorite items to cut are paint samples....just another reason why I love those paint samples so much!


snip, snip, snip~ said...

Oh, Grace, I am so thrilled that you love cutting. This is a very challenging skill to master. It is beyond amazing to me that you have it down before you are even 2 1/2 years old! Please, bring your scissors to our house because I can give you LOTS to cut. Have you ever cut fabric? If, not then we will work on it together. Would you like to make a rag doll with me? I'll get everything ready for the project!
I Love You, xo, Maddy

Anonymous said...

Smart You, Gracie Girl! Cut away... I know many first graders that can not cut! You are so lucky to have a Mommy and Daddy that give you these experiences...
Hugs from Vermont,
Donna XOXO

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