Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

We went to our town's Memorial Day parade this morning. Jack was so excited to watch his very first parade. Grace couldn't contain her excitement so she ended up dancing for everyone in the street as the parade marched by. Our small town parade lasted a total of seven minutes (!!!!!!). What we love so much about Limerick's Memorial Day parade is that we get to see it two times since they redo the entire parade in the reverse direction! We enjoyed the beautiful weather this afternoon by having a picnic lunch and spending the remainder of our afternoon at the lake.

Let us not forget those men and women who have served our great nation during times peace and conflict. Because they gave their "last full measure of devotion," we are forever in their debt. ~Laura Slaton Phillips~


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a perfect Memorial Day. That hometown feeling that grows in a small community, the fanfare, sun and sand, and the innocent wonderment of little children.
No doubt, Grace had the best outfit. And even though she danced and sang on the sidelines, I'm sure that she got plenty of attention.
Jack, the little man, looks pretty preppy and handsome. His smile is a winner for sure.
What a great twosome!

home again, Maddy and Poppy ~ said...

We're back! How we love these beautiful pictures!
Hearing from you, about how much Grace loves a parade brought tears to our eyes. Poppy does enjoy a good parade, too. They will surely have to attend one together with all its excitement. Jack looks as cute as a button. Oh, how we agree with Memere--they are quite the special twosome for sure! Such Beautiful Children and to think ... that they are our grandchildren!
We are missing having you here and so missed seeing the pictures for the last few days. We are home and better than ever.
We LOVE all of you very, very much. Give Jack & Grace all the hugs and love that you possibly can from us!
Maddy and Poppy

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