Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank You Maddy & Poppy

We arrived back to Maine yesterday afternoon. It is always so sad to leave Vermont and my parents. Thank you so much to my Mom and Dad for being such wonderful parents and grandparents to Grace and Jack. How lucky we all are to have you in our lives. Thank you for making your time with Grace so very special for her - everything from the little table and chairs, to the games, projects, special bed linens, books, and trips were all so thoughtful and perfectly planned out for Grace. I know Jack loved the time he spent with you too. I loved watching Jack smile and giggle so much while he was with you in Vermont. We are all missing you so much and can't wait for the next visit! Thank you, again!

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Anonymous said...

No surprise that Maddy put so much detail and love into every minute of your visit. She truly treasures her family and every moment with them, and spoils all of you with love. How great is that!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?