Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Playing & Learning Together

Jack and Grace enjoyed playing on our porch this morning as the rain fell outside. Grace had fun putting together an ABC puzzle and Jack had fun looking at the pictures on the puzzle box. Grace was very sweet to show Jack each puzzle piece as she was working on the puzzle. Grace also named the letters, the letter sounds, and the picture on each puzzle piece to help Jack learn. Jack smiled and giggled several times each time Grace did this. How I wish there were more than twenty-six pieces because watching Grace and Jack playing and learning together was so heartwarming!


Anonymous said...

Baby Jack is so lucky to have so many "teachers"... It is so evident already that he just loves learning! What a happy, smart little boy!
Hugs from Vermont,
Donna xo

full of love~ said...

Dear Rebecca,
Enjoy every single moment of these days with your children. As I have posted pictures of you and Adam this week, I am so filled with a variety of emotions. I love having adult children but what I wouldn't give to go back for just a month and spend it with you and Adam as children. It really and truly does go by in a wink of an eye. So, just breath in all of Jack's and Grace's baby and childhood moments. Thank you for being the best Mama to your two beautiful children.

I love this puzzle time Grace & Jack had together. Grace is such a great teacher and her learning look is so precious! And, that big smile of Jack's as he know that he's thinking how much fun this is!
I Love All of You,

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