Monday, May 4, 2009

Jack's Big Ride!

We went on a walk this morning to pick dandelions. I clearly remember going on a dandelion walk with Grace this time last Spring so we could make dandelion prints together. How time flies! Jack, Grace, and I have a very special project planned with the dandelions that we collected this morning. You can see what we did with our dandelions today on a post that I will publish on Sunday. Our dandelion walk was so much fun for us because it was Jack's first time riding in the stroller facing forward! As you can see, Jack was all smiles and he loved this new way of riding.


sooooo cute! said...

The expressions on those two little sweet faces is almost more than I can take...cute, cute, cute, cute!
I LOVE that stroller and Jack and Grace sitting together as brother and sister. Much more than cute!
I know how much Grace likes dandelions, so this must have been quite a time for her.
Love to the Best Grandchildren in the whole entire world, Maddy

Anonymous said...

I bet both Grace and Jack loved being so close to each other, with Grace pointing out the sights, like an expereinced nature guide.
How delightful it must have been for all of you.
Grace and Jack are so photogetic and exude beauty and joy. I want to reach out and give them both big hugs.

Anonymous said...

I love how Grace dresses up for her outings - 3 necklaces, and so beautifully coordinating and arranged. You are beautiful, Grace! You sparkle!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?