Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coloring Salt

Grace practiced scooping and transferring this morning. Grace first poured two containers of salt into a large bowl. She used a spoon to scoop the salt from the bowl and transfer it into several large Ziploc bags. Grace then added food coloring to the salt bags. Grace & Jack worked together to squeeze and shake the bags in order to color the salt. Check back tomorrow to see what Jack & Grace have planned for the colored salt!


Anonymous said...

Such concentration and team work, with surprising, colorful results.
We love to see and read about their latest doings and projects.
Grace and Jack have so much to look forward to every day - fun,
activities, and togetherness.
Such a rich childhood, fostered by great, loving parents.
We love you.
Memere and Pepere

Maddy and Poppy said...

Those hands, those fingers, those eyes and those toes!
We are exactly like Memere and Pepere ~ we can't wait to see what you are up to next!!
We are making guesses about what you can do with salt. We can't wait to see if we are any where near correct!
Have another beautiful day in May.
Love, Maddy & Poppy

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