Friday, May 29, 2009

"Mommy, Today I Feel...."

"...excited, thankful and eager."
Every morning Grace tells me how she feels and chooses a picture card(s) that matches her feelings. The cards are part of a game for children called Feeleez. Grace now using feeling words well beyond happy, sad, or mad. I LOVE the Feeleez cards so much and I'll be posting more about these in a future post next week!


Anonymous said...

I feel grateful, thankful and happy that I can view your family blog and see such warm, loving, child-centered posts... It warms my heart to watch you and Jack grow into caring, smart, fun kids... Bravo Rebecca and Bob!!! You neeed to do a book and a parenting course... ALL children should be as lucky as Gracie Girl and Jack-a-roo...
I'm feeling "awe"...

the best gifts in life ~ said...

Emotions, feelings and the ability to communicate and understand them is a skill that we deal with our entire lives.
Beginning this process in your children's life early on with this complexity will enable them to become great communicators and accepting of ALL of their feelings. There is never a "bad" feeling, you just have to know how to deal with it in a healthy and loving way.

What a GIFT, to give Grace the words and pictures to learn this difficult process. You are amazing parents!

I am feeling...true bliss!

Love to Bob, Rebecca, Grace & Jack,

Anonymous said...

Great idea for children and adults.
Grace will be teaching me words that will get me out of the rut of using the same ones over and over again.
Love you,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?