Thursday, May 14, 2009

Look At Jack!

Jack tried out our exersaucers for the first time this week! The exersaucer in the picture above was given to me by a friend of mine and the one below we got when Grace was a baby. Jack loves them both. The exersaucers provide him with independent learning experiences in a standing position and a whole new view on his world! I am so excited for this next phase of learning for Jack but I wish time would slow down at least a little bit. Our sweet baby boy is growing up so quickly!

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a new look~ said...

Look at you, Jack! What a big boy! Now you can get a whole new look at your home. This is sure to add to the fun of watching things around you. Wow, there is lots to play with. I love you, Mr. Jack and cannot wait to hold and hug you on Monday! Maddy XO

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