Monday, June 1, 2009

L is for Lobster!

Jack and Grace made these Maine lobsters this morning using their hand and footprints. This is a perfect painting project for children living in Maine! After painting the palms of her hands, Grace decided that she wanted to become a lobster so she continued painting all the way up both of her arms. I've been calling Grace my "Little Lobster" all day and she thinks this is so very funny!
Grace helped paint Jack's feet and hands. Jack couldn't have been any more excited to watch Grace paint his hands and feet a bright red lobster color!
Jack loves painting just as much as Grace does and I think he'll soon be wanting to paint all the way up his arms too. Thank goodness for washable paint! :)

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L is for LOVE ~ said...

I love how cute Jack and Grace look in red paint! The lobsters are so amazing--another great, great idea, Rebecca! What a team, they are, always working together so nicely. Life just doesn't get any better than this.

Grandchildren, lobsters, paint, brushes, smiles, laughing, helping, and water to clean away these moments!
L is for LOVE,

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