Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Seed Necklaces Sprouted!

Jack and Grace's sunflower seed necklaces sprouted over the weekend so we transplanted them into peat pots today. Grace and Jack love to paint and they had fun painting their peat pots outside in the warm sunshine! Once the pots dried we all scooped dirt into the pots and gently transferred the seeds. Once the seeds were planted Grace turned to Jack and said, "Jack, we need to put the seeds in the sun so they can do photosynthesis!"


Anonymous said...

You have your own little greenhouse on Leisure Lane, with wondrous results. Colorful pots with healthy seedlings. We'll be looking for future postings of huge sunflowers and two very proud Little Sprouts.
Imagine Grace giving Jack a lesson on photosynthesis! That word alone is a mouthful, and then to use it meaningfully! Hats off to you, Grace.

always amazed! said...

I Love our little gardeners and artists and scientists! What learning takes place at your home!

Just like Memere, I cannot wait to see how beautifully they will grow. I love the word photosynthesis and can't wait to hear Grace say it!
Love to Sunflowers Everywhere,

PS -- I planted Grace's 3 sunflowers that grew from the seeds she planted at our library last month. They are Mammoth Sunflowers, what are the ones you have?

PS, PS -- LOVE Jack's painting shirt!!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?