Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Butterfly Day!

Yesterday was a very big day for us. It was butterfly day. Over the past several weeks Grace and Jack have watched their five caterpillars eat and grow, form chrysalises, and emerge as five very beautiful butterflies. Last Friday we were so very excited to see all five butterflies appear from their chrysalises. Grace and Jack took excellent care of their butterflies inside a butterfly net over the weekend. They hand picked flowers and soaked them in sugar water to feed the butterflies. We decided that yesterday would be the perfect day to release our butterflies outside. We dedicated June 8, 2009 as butterfly release day! Grace, Jack, and I prepared all day long for this big event. We hand painted shirts, made several butterfly crafts, read butterfly books, and dressed up for our butterfly party! When the time came to unzip the butterfly net to set the butterflies free we were all so excited. Four out of the five butterflies flew up into the air and landed high up on a tree in our yard. Then something quite amazing happened. The fifth butterfly flew out of its butterfly net and landed on Grace's back! This was a perfect ending to our beautiful butterfly day.


The Ousdahls said...

Oh how much FUN!! I SO wish we could have joined you all in this celebration!!

Sending Much Love & Butterfly Kisses,

Melissa, Michaela, & Madelin

How wonderful is this!! said...

Oh, how I agree with Melissa, I wish I was there, too!

What a very special way for the butterflies to thank Grace and Jack for all of their tender loving care! The children looks so amazing. Grace is just like a butterfly, herself! Jack is as happy as can be to watch all the dancing!

Grace will be talking about this for years and years! Happiness, joy, and love to you, Maddy

Anonymous said...

The shirts are works of art and commemorative of witnessing the cycle of life. Jack and Grace were ever so patient during each phase. Then they were rewarded with beauty, freedom, and recognition. The butterfly on Grace seems to be giving her a pat on the back for a job well done.
Hugs and kisses,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?