Friday, June 5, 2009

Spray Paint!

While Jack was napping this morning Grace poured some purple paint into a spray bottle, added water, and shook it up. As Grace was preparing her spray bottle I taped one long piece of paper outside on our porch and another long piece on the floor. Grace had SO MUCH FUN spray painting ~ she couldn't stop laughing the entire time! An added bonus is that this is a great hand strengthening activity. I can't wait to hear more Gracie girl giggles when we spray paint again this afternoon using a different color. I'm sure Jack-a-roo will get a big kick out of watching Grace too!

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can hear it from here! said...

Oh, to hear that contagious laugh of Grace! I Love to hear her know how the two of us get going when we are together :) !!
With Grace's strong hands, I can only imagine that this was a favorite activity for her. I always think about how much pleasure Grace gets from pumping a lotion bottle!
Tell Grace and Jack that I am ready for us to all laugh together very soon.
Love, Maddy

PS~What a good writer Grace will be!

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