Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seed Sprout Necklaces!

Grace and Jack made these seed necklaces this morning. They provide just enough moisture and warmth to sprout a seed!
To make these seed sprout necklaces we first chose a large plastic bag for Grace and a smaller one for Jack. We moistened cotton balls with water, added several sunflower seeds to each cotton ball and gently placed them inside of the bags. Next, we closed the bags, hole punched a hole, and threaded ribbon and small tag through each one. Once Grace and Jack's necklaces have roots their seeds will be ready to transplant!

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loving little sprouts! said...

How perfect is this!
The warmth and love of Jack and Grace will help these seeds to sprout into tiny plants. What a learning experience for them. I cannot wait to see the progress. This is such a sweet and wonderful idea, Rebecca!
Love to all our "little seedlings",

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?