Friday, June 5, 2009

Grace & Jack's Spring Nest!

Spring is the season of renewal, and what better way to celebrate it than with a lovely little eco-friendly bird nest! We were inspired to build a bird nest of our own because a little bird has chosen a space above the front door of our home to build her nest! This morning Grace and Jack became little birds and went outside to gather materials to build a nest of their own! Jack was such a big helper in gathering handfuls of grass, which was the foundation for our bird's nest. Grace chose a beautiful selection of ferns, leaves, sticks, flowers, and moss.To make our birds nest Grace took a bowl and traced two circles onto a paper grocery bag. Next, we cut out the circle tracings just a bit larger. Grace painted the inside of each circle with a mixture of water and glue. We put the sticky sides of the circles together and while still wet, placed them inside the bowl that we used for the tracings and pushed them firmly into place. Next, Grace & Jack worked together to press their grass, moss, leaves, sticks, flowers, and ferns into the paper nest shell. Once the glue dried we removed the nest from the bowl. I am going to display Grace and Jack's beautiful nest on our window ledge to celebrate the last few weeks of spring and to welcome the baby birds that are about to arrive above our front door any day now!

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home sweet home said...

That nest is so sweet and charming, I would like to move into it!
What fun goes on at your home every day of the week. There is nothing like being a baby or a little child in the summer (almost) in Limerick, Maine at the Legers home!
Love for the weekend, Maddy xo

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