Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Butterfly Celebration Shirts

Grace and Jack each made a special butterfly shirt to wear during the release of our butterflies. Jack used his feet to create beautiful butterfly wings. Jack loved having Grace paint his feet orange. Grace and I later stamped the word "butterfly" and "Jack" onto his shirt.Grace loved using her letter stamps and ink pad to stamp the word "butterfly" and "Grace" onto her shirt. Grace also painted her hands purple to make butterfly wings.Grace and Jack wore their handmade shirts during our butterfly release party. I am saving these shirts as a special reminder of our exciting day!


just loving it ! said...

The shirts are absolutely amazing! What a great job! The looks on the faces of Jack & Grace tell the whole story. What a great idea and celebration. And, all of those twenty toes and twenty fingers...so cute and so sweet...helping, working, painting, planning, sharing...so delightful for us to see!
Love, Maddy xo

forgot to mention ...... said...

.....love that band aid on Grace's knee!!
.....and love Jack's ankles soooo much!!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?