Friday, June 12, 2009

Counting By 5's All The Way To 100

Grace amazed me on the car ride home from music group yesterday. I could hear her quietly counting by 5's all the way up to 100 along with a Ron Brown numbers CD. I couldn't believe my ears so I asked Grace to count by 5's again without the CD and she did it again all by herself. To reinforce the concept of counting by 5's, Grace & I used Unifix cubes and make twenty rods this morning - each rod being five blocks in length. We lined up the rods so Grace could visually see the number 5 and visualize how many 5's it takes to make 100. Grace demonstrated excellent 1:1 correspondence skills by individually pointing to each rod while counting by 5's up to 100. Way to go, Gracie girl. I'm so proud of you!


Anonymous said...

Grace, do you find it fun to "skip count"? It's like running with numbers.
Rebecca, what great follow through with understanding. So often that is overlooked, but not by you.
Super teaching, Rebecca.

learning the LOVE of number sense! said...

Learning to understand numbers is the key to all math concepts. Touching, seeing, holding and working with manipulates will give Grace the early and most important skill of all. What a mathematician! I know Grace loves math and the whole world it offers!
Love to our Math House in Maine!

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