Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Saturday At The Park...

...spreading our blanket under a shaded tree, feeding the ducks, Jack reaching to feel the green grass, playing in the gazebo, Grace dancing for the ducks, enjoying the warm sunshine after weeks of rainy weather, our picnic lunch, listening to the splashing of the water fountain, walking across the footbridge, the quacking of the ducks, running around the pond, holding hands with Grace while exploring ever inch of the park, singing with Jack, and being together.


life is good, said...

A perfect family, just the way it should be.
Love, Maddy

...and who could ever get enough of those eyes, hands and toes!

Anonymous said...

The American Dream....
Soaking in the beauty of the day and the innocent wonderment of two keenly aware children. Oh, such is the good life, life as it should be lived.
Grace and Jack, I hope that you have many, many, many, more days like this.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?