Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grace's Half Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Amazing Grace's 2 1/2 birthday by spreading a blanket under a large oak tree at the park and enjoying all of the beautiful sights and discoveries that a park has to offer. Grace & Jack had a delightful time laying on the blanket together and watching the leaves blow on the oak tree. Grace loved describing all that she saw in the clouds and Jack loved listening to all that Grace had to say! We had great fun watching the ducks in the pond, going for a long walk to find flowers, and playing in the grass. We also enjoyed a leisurely picnic lunch together. I can't believe that Grace is 2 1/2 years old. I continue to be amazed by Grace each and every day. She has such a love of life and a love of learning. Grace is such a bright, happy, curious, thoughtful, kind, and loving little girl who brings such unbelievable joy and happiness to my life and to the lives of all those that know our beautiful Gracie girl.


Maddy and Poppy said...

Just perfectly beautiful in each and every way!
Prize winning pictures that capture the true loving bond between a sister and a brother. I just have to make some copies of these today for our home, for Great Grandma & PopPop, for Dad's office, for my wallet...!
There is nothing better than a half birthday in June...Jack's is in 2 weeks, also.
We just cannot stop looking at our Grace and Jack!!
Sending up all of our best love over and over.

wish we could !! said...

Just had to tell you, that Dad and I are giggling because we would give just about anything to get in Grace's position! We would be so happy to even get "half-way" there!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?