Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Music Notes

Gracie girl singing!We love Thursdays because it's music group day! Whenever I ask Grace what her favorite activity is she always says it's music group. Grace knows every song from music group and she is always singing! I am certain that music group is Jack's favorite activity too. Jack recognizes all of the songs. Whenever he hears a music group song he kicks his feet, waves his hands, smiles, and giggles. Before we left for group this morning Grace, Jack, and I enjoyed some playtime outside on our yard. Grace and Jack wore their very special music note shirts today to show Pauline (our music group instructor). Thank you so much to Maddy for making these wonderful shirts. They were a big hit today! Music is such a huge part of our life and I love how Grace and Jack's shirts express their great love of music.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what great shirts and great smiles! Maddy, you've added another dimension of pleasure to music group.
And what a gift to have music be such an intergral part of Grace and Jack's life.
Sing on!

la, la, la, la...... said...

These are such cute, cute, cute pictures! I am just stunned these days to see Jack & Grace playing with each other. They are both really getting so big!
I know how much Grace loves music of all kinds. I am amazed with how many songs she knows every single word to. And, her rhythm and melody is the talk of Middlebury. Jack is following because you can see every note on his face as he listens! Music will be with these children for a lifetime. How, I love it!
Love, Maddy

PS~ I am smiling to myself as I think of Grace breaking into song whenever she hears a word that is in a song she knows!!!! So cute, so amazing and just the kind of thing that makes me laugh and smile whenever I think of it!!

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