Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Making Butter

Grace and Jack made butter this morning. Grace poured some heavy cream into a small jar. Grace and Jack then took turns to shake, shake, shake their sillies out! The end result was butter! We are planning on making homemade pumpkin bread tomorrow for our butter. Yummy!


mmmmm..... said...

What a wonderful idea and how cute, cute, cute are these pictures?!

Just another perfect day -- creating something special together -- learning together -- enjoying time together -- loving together.

Please, share the Pumpkin Bread recipe with us. I can smell it from here! Perfect, weather to bake because they're saying the rain is coming back. Grace is quite a cook these days. I Love It!
Love to All, Maddy XO

Anonymous said...

Remember how to do this, Grace, so when I come up there I can join you and Jack in making yummy butter. Together with your homemade pumpkin bread, what a treat! Enjoy!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?