Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pajama Love


Home again,home again jiggidy jig said...

Just back home from my wonderful visit to Bob, Rebecca, Grace and Jack's home. I am still in baby and toddler mode and what a delicious place to be in! I cannot even begin to name and list all of special moments that I shared in. But here are a few, being at the moment that Grace met her new baby brother Jack, seeing Jack for the first time, learning so many new things from Grace(!), doing projects, watching a paperwhite bulb grow through a child's eyes, holding and smelling a brand new baby, getting so excited by the littlest things such as sharing a much loved book, giving a bubbly bath to Jack, learning how very much lotion can mean to a little girl, putting on the tiniest baby diapers, washing hands with Grace while counting to 20 every time, kissing baby cheeks and forehead, brushing the food from the meal off of Grace's teeth, watching teeny-tiny fingers and toes move and stretch, singing favorite songs at the top of our lungs in the car on the way to pick up Daddy, Mommy and Jack from the hospital, putting on snuggly sleepers and onsies on a newborn Jack, watching sparkly shoes run on Grace's sweet feet.....being with my two beautiful grandchildren and living in their world and soaking in all that is special about life. Thank you for these moments. I will treasure them forever. My ever-deepest love to you.

PS~Rebecca, you will always be my best big-girl. I admire your strength and motherly love. What a beautiful family you have. I find myself rubbing my eyes when I see you with two babies! I think that I still see you as my baby sometimes. But, you always will be. Rest when you can(!)When I see you showering your children with your songs, words and love I find myself just bursting with love and full of happy tears. I am so proud of you my dearest and lovely daughter. I Love You So Much, Mom

Dear Bob, Thank you sharing your family with me. Your cheerfulness and helpfulness will be such a great example for your children to grow up with. I love watching you with Rebecca and your two babies. Thank you again for always showing us what a good husband and father you are. Love, Mary Ann

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Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?