Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Day of "Firsts"

Today we took our first car trip into Portland as a family of four. We all woke up this morning at our usual time of 6:00. We ate breakfast, got dressed, and packed a few essentials for our trip. By the time we all got into the car it was 11:00. Our first family outing together only took us five hours to get ready....not too bad!!!!!!! :)Here is a picture of Grace and Jack in their car seats. If you look closely you can see Jack in the mirror. Jack slept the entire way to and from Portland and our Gracie girl talked and sang songs all the way to and from Portland! We also had another "first" today. Grace and Jack had their first ride in their double jogging stroller. We took advantage of this beautiful day with temperatures near 60 degrees by going for a walk on our dirt road. Grace faced forward and was excited to see mud puddles, several dogs, neighbors, and snow along side the road. Jack faced me in his car seat and was comfy cozy warm with his monkey! Thank you to Memere & Pepere for this wonderful stroller that is absolutely perfect for our family.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It is most assuredly not easy by any stretch of the imagination to get yourselves AND the children ready for any kind of outing. You did great! and made the most of
a beautiful December day. Kudos to you.
Love the pictures and can't stop smiling. It must be contagious.
Memere and Pepere

Maddy and Poppy said...

We so agree with Memere and Pepere. You did great, Poppy and I went to Burlington today and it took us almost as long to get ready! Rebecca, you look as sweet and pretty as can be as you push your double jogging stroller with your two beautiful babies. We cannot wait to see, read and hear about all of the the adventures you and the children will have with it! What a special gift, to be enjoyed for years to come.
Love and we are smiling, too.
Maddy & Poppy

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