Thursday, December 4, 2008


Grace's new love is playing games. Grace does an amazing job spining spinners, taking turns, and understanding the concept of one-to-one correspondence. Some of Grace's favorite games include: Hi Ho Cherry-O, the Goodnight Moon Game, Memory, Oh Rats, and picture Bingo.


The Ousdahls said...

You should come on down for an Ousdahl Game Night!! We are Really Big Game Fans too!

-Love, The Ousdahls

Maddy said...

Dearest Grace,
I love to play board games, also. We'll have a great time playing together when we come up and visit while Mommy is away for a few days. I can just see us now, all cozy and warm playing game after game and laughing! Such fun! We love the way you spin the spinners!
See you soon--
Love xo, Maddy

Anonymous said...

Grace, you have so many interests and learning by leaps and bounds.
I can't wait until I can play with you again.

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Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?