Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Special Countdown To Christmas

Every morning after calendar time Grace & I sit near our Christmas tree and read a book together called Snowbear's Christmas Countdown by Theresa Smythe. The story is about a busy bear who gets ready for Christmas. The book is arranged so that you read one page per day until Christmas, similar to an advent calendar. However, I must admit that we have peeked ahead in the book! Grace & I really enjoy this time together each morning. Grace also loves her advent calendar. Every morning Grace peels off a numbered sticker to place on her calendar. This is a tradition that my Mom started with me once I left home for college and it has now become a special tradition that I love sharing with Grace.


Anonymous said...

What an exciting time in Limerick, Maine! The countdown to Jack's birth, the countdown to Christmas, fun with grandparents... Best wishes for HAPPY, HAPPY Holidays and the BEST in 2009 for all the Legers and Deverells... Looking forward to watching your adventures in the New Year...
Hugs from snowy Vermont,
Donna xoxo
P.S. Take care dear Rebecca

Anonymous said...

i can hear the bells ringing, hearts rejoicing and spirits soaring all in anticipate of baby jack's arrival.

wishing you many blessings, peace, happiness and love...not only for this special season, but now and always...every day!!!

love, elsie

Anonymous said...

oops...meant to say anticipation not anticipate.....sorry

love, elsie

a getting ready Maddy~ said...

I love countdowns just like Grace. Right now, I'm counting down until we leave on Saturday morning! I have my big bag of crafts, activities and fun things all packed. Poppy, Grace and I will be crafting, cooking, cutting, gluing, sewing, decorating and learning many new things while Mommy and Daddy are away for a few days. And then...everyone comes home with Baby Jack!! I even have a few things planned for him!
Counting the time away with more love than I could ever imagine,
Maddy, xo

PS~Grace looks so cute in that sleeper. Love remembering all of those decorations on the tree.

Anonymous said...

Who could not be seriously touched by such precious pictures? I think that these kinds of activities/rituals are so worthwhile. They will be for Grace what they are for you, Rebecca, treasured times.

The Proud Husband said...

I so very much appreciate Rebecca sharing these special moments she has with Grace each day. I wish I could be with my girls each day to celebrate our amazing gift of Grace but sadly I must head off most days. Rebecca is the best mother in the world and thus is my solace that Grace has the most wonderful mother, friend and playmate to celebrate her days with.

Thank you Rebecca for all that you do to make our family so special. You make me feel blessed.


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Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?