Friday, April 24, 2009

Working Together

Maddy and Grace worked together to make a beautiful turquoise tutu for Eliza Jane. Grace used the tape measure and her scissors to cut the tulle to thirteen inches. Maddy was so impressed and so happy to have Grace working with her. Maddy is planning on doing a sewing project with Grace at every visit. Grace loves her tutu for her good friend Eliza Jane!


The Ousdahls said...

How Sweet is this!! I think that is super special to do a sewing project together over your visits!!! Also, we LOVE the tutu for Eliza! (PS I LOVED seeing Uncle Walt holding Miss Eliza!)



Anonymous said...

What a team, Maddy and Grace!
A sure winner! Eliza Jane looks like she couldn't be happier with her courture (?) tutu.
And what a prize photo with Grace, Maddy, Poppy, and Eliza Jane.
Love you and the photos,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?