Saturday, April 25, 2009

Missing Maddy & Poppy

Maddy & Poppy left for Vermont this morning. We are always very sad to see them go. Thank you, Maddy and Poppy, for such a special visit filled with so many good times and lots of laughs!!Jack fell asleep for his morning nap just as Maddy and Poppy were getting ready to leave. Maddy quietly went into Jack's room while he was sleeping to say goodbye. It was such a sweet moment for me seeing my Mom gently touch Jack's cheek and give him a gentle kiss while whispering, "I love you Baby Jack." Grace gives Maddy and Poppy a final wave goodbye. If you look closely in the picture above you can see Poppy holding Ella and Monkey. Our sweet Grace wanted to give Maddy and Poppy one of her Ella's and a Monkey to bring back to Vermont with them. You'll have to check Maddy's blog to see what adventures Ella and Monkey have!

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love, love, and more love said...

We had the time of our life during our visit to see Jack, Grace, Rebecca and Bob. Thank you for sharing all of your family love with us. How we missed Grace and Jack before we reached the bottom of your driveway all ready! Poppy and I talked and talked about our visit the whole way home!
Thank you Bob & Rebecca for such a special time. You are soooo nice to us from everything to a soft bed to delicious dinners with lobsters!
Thank you Grace & Jack for all of the hugs, kisses, squeezes and making every second full of loving memories!
We are full of wonderful love,
Maddy and Poppy

~a GIANT Thank You to Jack and Grace for giving us an Ella and a Monkey to take back with us for some special times. They are in Vermont and we are taking very good care of them!! Stay tuned!

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