Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nature Made Bracelets

This morning Jack, Grace, and I went on a nature walk. Just before going outside I attached a loop of wide tape (sticky side out) around Grace's wrists and around Jack's feet to make a tape bracelets/anklets. As we walked along our road and through the woods, Grace and Jack picked up pretty bits of nature on their sticky bracelets/anklets. When we returned home I removed the tape from Grace and Jack and we closely examined the natural "gems" they had collected (bark, grass, leaves, rocks, buds, leaves, pine needles, twigs, etc.). We also talked about and described each nature item in detail.

Unfortunately, I was carrying Jack in a sling so I wasn't able to get a clear picture of him on our walk. Jack had a great time kicking his feet to collect pine needles and twigs on his anklets. I am planning on repeating this activity at least once per week. It will be a fun learning experience for Jack and Grace to see how nature changes as summer approaches!


Anonymous said...

What fun! Another great idea for that book!!!

Anonymous said...

Nature made bracelets and hats made by Maddy... Grace looks so enchanted and happy!
With admiration for your creative and diverse experience,

sending love on Mommy's Birthday! said...

Happy Birthday to you, Our Rebecca!
We LOVE You very much!

I adore the nature bracelets. What a spectacular idea! What fun you had going for a nature walk and collecting items to have endless conversations about. I know one little girl who must of had lots to say and lots of questions to ask! And, I know one little baby boy who must of had lots to kick and smile about! Love it!
Love to all on Mommy's Birthday,

Anonymous said...

A nature walk doesn't get much better than this, and what a great way to extend it with bracelets to examine and reexamine when you get home. You're right, Rebecca, you can't get tired of this activity, and every bracelet will be different.

Happy happy birthday, Rebecca. Let the fun begin!!!

Love to each of you,

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