Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Fun Day At The YMCA!

We attended Family Fun Day at our YMCA after Grace's swimming lesson this morning. Grace had fun bouncing in a bouncy house, playing a frisbee game (seen above), and meeting & playing with new friends in the gymnasium. Jack enjoyed watching all of the action around him. After the great time we had at Family Fun Day, Jack took a little nap to get ready for our fun-filled afternoon!
Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to Maddy today! Maddy & Poppy are coming to Maine on Tuesday and we can't wait to see them. Maddy, we hope you had the very best day. We all love you so very much!


Maddy said...

I am so glad that you had such a special family day together. My birthday was made extra-special by the most wonderful "Happy Birthday" song and all the the wishes!!!
Today is one day sooner, before we come!!
Love to All of You Today and Every Second, Maddy XO

Anonymous said...

With the Limerick Legers and the Deverells, there never seems to be enough time in the day for the activities and fun that you can think up.
The YMCA has been a great family connection for swimming lessons and fun times.
Maddy, you were in our thoughts and conversation on Saturday, with loving wishes for a joyous day and future.
Love all around,

Aunt Melinda said...

Just wanted to say that I think Jack looks like Walt in this picture. I recently saw some of his "old" baby pictures and then saw this one of Jack. Glad you had a great birthday Mary Ann. I thought of you...I was at a car show with the girls. It was Madelin's first car show. We had fun. Hope you have a great time with Grace and Jack. I know you will. Enjoy

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