Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Very Special Day!

When Grace woke up this morning the first thing she said to me was, "Mommy, are you ready for your pedicure?" I wasn't quite sure what Grace was talking about...and how did she know the word pedicure?! Grace then said, "Daddy is not wearing his work clothes today!" Today was my birthday and Bob completely surprised me by taking the day off from work. He had planned a very special day for me. The first thing on the agenda was a pedicure appointment. I was so surprised. Bob casually mentioned that they have Mommy & Me pedicures. I thought it would be so much fun and such a special treat for Grace and I to go together! Bob called the spa and they said they would be happy to fit Grace in for a pedicure appointment too. Hooray!
Here is Grace getting her first pedicure at the young age of two! I have had three pedicures in my life, the first one being the day before I got married. :)

Grace's pedicure was so much fun for her. I had the very best time sitting next to Grace and watching the excitement and look of pure joy on her face. Grace got to soak her feet and she had a foot and leg massage with lotion. Grace's toes were filed, polished, and painted with tiny purple hearts.
Grace chose a pretty pink polish for her toes. She thought it was so funny to have tissue in between her toes as they were drying. Everyone at the spa came over to see Grace as she was getting her pedicure. She looked so cute getting her toes done!
All day Grace kept saying, "Oh, Mommy. Our toes are soooooooo pretty!"

Jack decided to pass on getting his first pedicure today! While Grace and I had our girl time together at the spa, Jack and Daddy spent some guy time together. Daddy took Jack to Cabella's where Jack enjoyed looking at the animal and fish displays. Later, we went out for a nice lunch, shopped, and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon outside. Thank you so much, Bob, for this very special day. I had the most wonderful birthday. The very best part of today was just being together ~ you, Jack, & Grace are the very best gifts of all!


Anonymous said...

Rebecca, your joy and pleasure are palpable. Feeling so loved and pampered on your special day is something that feeds and strengthens the soul. From your recounting and comments, I would guess that having Rob, Grace, and Jack enjoy it with you escalated your excitement and joy. We are so happy for you.

P.S. Rob, you aced it.

The Ousdahls said...

What a GREAT surprise. I just think Surprises from our husbands are the BEST!! I am so glad that you had such a fabulous Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday (late).

Much Love,

Your Cousin, Melissa

Mom said...

No one deserved a day of pampering more than you, Rebecca! How much fun was it to have your little girl share it with you. This is just the beginning of many "girl" moments that only Mothers and Daughters can share together. On the flip side, just wait until you and Jack have Mother and Son moments, you won't believe how special they will be!
How extra sweet it was for Bob to fill your day up with surprises and love. I am beyond thrilled that your birthday was perfect from beginning to end, even the weather was excellent!
I am loving Grace and her toes! I adore the picture of twenty toes and that white ruffled dress. And, Jack is as sweet as pie!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful celebration of a devoted Mommy! Kudos to Bob, Rebecca and Grace for making it a family celebration... That's what it's all about... What fun for the Legers of Leisure Lane and all their loving admirers... In the current national situation, we all need encouragement that all will be well...
If all of our nation could hold family values and priorities FIRST, we'd be out of our crisis quickly...
With admiration from the beautiful Green Mountain State,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?