Friday, April 17, 2009

Look What Grace Made With Our Easter Egg Shells...

Grace made a beautiful butterfly with our Easter egg shells! Grace waited patiently all week for the egg shells to dry out. We checked the eggs shells this morning and discovered that they were ready for the big project we have been planning! Grace excitedly spread glue on white butterfly wings and then carefully placed the cracked egg shells on the wings. This was a great fine motor activity that Grace worked very hard to complete. It was so much fun for her to see the cracked egg shells transform into colorful butterfly wings. I am going to hang Grace's butterfly in her window later today. Grace's butterfly will serve as a beautiful reminder of Spring and the special time we spent together coloring the eggs for Easter!

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another great idea! said...

What an amazing project to do with something as simple as egg shells! I just love the way Grace used an item that would be otherwise tossed away. This is recycling and "using what you all ready have" in one of the finest ways I have ever seen. Just beautiful! I cannot wait to see the butterfly next week! Earth Day is on Wednesday and we will all have to celebrate together!
Sweetest Grace, I LOVE your beautiful butterfly and how I LOVE you.

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