Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrating Earth Day in Style!

We were all very excited to have Maddy & Poppy here. They left Vermont yesterday morning at 8:00 a.m. and arrived eight hours later (oh my). We always wonder what takes them so long! Grace and Jack are celebrating Earth Day today in style with new coordinating watering can and bucket shirts and green hats made by Maddy.


The Ousdahls said...

What beautiful pictures!! Please tell Uncle Walt and Aunt Mary Ann Hello from us!! We are so glad that you all are getting to spend a week or so together!!! We hope you have the Best of Times!

Much Love to ALL,

Matt and Melissa

Anonymous said...

Happy, enchanted grandparents; loved and doted upon grandchildren, perfect!
How do you keep up with it all, Maddy? Super outfits, including a fashionable hat, to celebrate Green Day, better known as Earth Day. Hip, hip hooray!

Anonymous said...

great pictures!!!! i love how you are all celebrating green day.

mary ann. walter, rebecca, bob, baby jack and sweet grace have a wonderful and sparkling week together.

love, elsie

p.s. mary ann, i just love all the goodies you made for your grandchildren. you are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

What fun! It is heartwarming to see the Deverell-Leger clan enjoying spring! Enjoy!
Hugs from Vermont,
Donna xo

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos of everybody together. I am especially pleased to see my father out of the office looking great! Enjoy the grandchildren.
Love, Uncle Adam

Anonymous said...

I just love Maddy & Poppy (Captain Jack!)! Wonderful pictures... Have the best time with Grace, baby Jack, Bob & Rebecca!

Love, Sarah

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