Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grace's Hand Print Bunny!

Grace really loves hand print projects so she had a great time making hand print Easter bunnies today. Grace painted her palm, index finger, and ring finger and then pressed her hand onto paper to make her bunnies. I later added the eyes, nose, and whiskers. Grace has been enjoying all of the Easter projects over the past several days and she always makes sure she has her bunny ears on!


The Ousdahls said...

So sweet. I LOVE how she has to wear the Bunny Ears =) She is just adorable.


Anonymous said...

What a repertoire of activities you have created! With Grace's memory, she will never be at a loss at what to do, but only which one to do. A lot of fun and creativity abound!

Aunt Melinda said...

What cute little bunnies you have. Have a great Easter. We love you,
Aunt Melinda

Maddy said...

What a full, fun-filled week of Easter activities at your home! I love the bunny hand print! It is as cute as can be. I might need to get some Bunny Ears, too!
I Love You, Grace

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