Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just before we left this morning for story time at our library I put two bins of magnetic letters out on our porch for Grace to play with while I got Jack ready to go. I went inside to get Jack dressed but left the door to our porch open so I could see and hear what Grace was doing. I watched Grace working quietly as she sifted through the letters in the bins. I was very impressed to see that Grace had found each letter of the alphabet all the way up to K and had put them in alphabetical order on her easel. I was curious to see if Grace would keep going so Jack & I stayed inside and read a few books together while Grace continued to work.

After some time Grace ran into the living room and said, "Mommy and Jack, I did ALL the letters." We all stepped out on our porch to see what Grace had done. I was so proud of Grace as I looked to see that she had lined up all twenty-six of the letters of the alphabet in their correct order. Yeah, Grace!!!!


Poppy said...

Hi Gracie Girl:
Wow!! You know all your letters in order. Good job, Grace. Soon you will be taking those 26 letters and putting them into words. Then, you'll put those words into sentences. There is no stopping you. Maddy & I are so very happy to watch your progress.
Love, Poppy

Anonymous said...

Grace you are absolutely AMAZING! I love your determined look as you carefully arrange the letters of the alphabet from left to right!
Smart You!
Hugs from Vermont,
Donna XOXO

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Grace! Clap, clap clap!!!
You are learning in leaps and bounds, faster than a speeding bunny.
Love, kisses, and hugs,

Anonymous said...

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
Tell Grace that sentence contains every letter in the alphabet. Please have her double check that is accurate!
Love, Uncle Adam

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